Acorazar Skins or Acorazar Wraps are accessories for an electronic device that wrap around your device to completely change the look and feel of the device without adding any thickness, unlike conventional cases and covers. They’re super thin and stick to your phone and are available in authentic textures like wood, matte, sparkle, carbon fiber, etc. which gives a premium look and feel to your device. Being just 0.23 millimeters thin, they’re not at all bulky and provide a shitload of style with a little substance.It also protects your device from scratches and fingerprint stains.

  • Our skins are cut with the most intense precision out there. Our precision is unreal and unmet. Our Mobile Skins, Laptop Skins, Tablet Skins, Camera Lens Skins line up accurately to shield every corner of your device to provide the best mix of style and scratch protection that no other skins can provide.
  • Unlike the other mediocre skins that you get elsewhere, Acorazar skins are made only from authentic 3M materials or Premium Acorazar Materials and will give your phone a premium look and superior protection.
  • Acorazar skins are designed to cover the entire back panel of your device including the sides and corners.
  • Acorazar skins are lot more tough and resilient in preventing your precious gadgets from scratches when compared to other skins that you get elsewhere.

Only Back skins are designed to cover only the back panel of your phone and not the sides, top and bottom. Full Back skins are precision cut for all the ports and buttons and cover the back, sides, top and bottom.

Yes, the skins can be removed without leaving any residue behind. To remove, just peel off the skin starting from any one of the corners.

Yes. Acorazar skins are 100% water-proof and will not get affected even when your device is submerged or exposed to water.

Yes. Acorazar skins, when applied on your device, will retain their premium look without fading or discoloring and even when it is exposed to varying climatic conditions.

Undoubtedly. Unlike other brands, our skins do not affect the wireless charging of your phone in anyway. It will charge normally as it should on a wireless charger.

No. Acorazar skins will not leave any residue on your devices though we highly doubt you will ever remove our skins after applying it on your device.

Acorazar skins come completely customized and precision cut for your device’s dimensions, ports and buttons.

We keep developing skins for all the latest and popular mobile devices. In case we do not have a skin for your favorite device, just put across a word to us through the Product Request form and we will let you know if we are going to make skins available for it in the near future.Join our social media channels for latest product announcements. You can join our social media channels using the link :

You can use Contact Us or drop us a query on Whastapp and we’ll get back to you within 48 hours.


You can check our how to apply Acorazar skins videos designed to help you with installation. We encourage you to watch these videos before application. If the video is not available for your particular phone model, please watch videos for any similar devices as the installation is the same for all devices.

You will require a hair dryer, clean hands and patience.

Yes, hair dryer is a must to make the skins adhere to the curve surfaces.This also helps in avoiding peeling off from the corners

Keep the hair dryer on a moderate heat setting. Warm any one of the corner areas of the skin for 3-4 seconds with the hair dryer and rub it against the device to adhere it on the surface. Repeat this for rest of the corners, edges or any areas of the skin that are not adhering to the device correctly. Applying the skins on some textured devices might be slightly difficult. Use generous amounts of heat using the hair dryer to apply the skins on those kinds of surfaces.

Yes, you can. Remove the skin immediately if you see any error in alignment. Peel the skins carefully without stretching or deforming it & align it again.

Most applications don’t get bubbles under the skins if you follow the instructions carefully but if you do then they will easily disappear on pushing them to the nearest opening. Leave pesky bubbles for those screen guards.

Business Partner

Yes!We welcome Re-sellers but we have several requirements for the detail information please directly contact us through  Reseller’s Form.

Yes!We welcome Re-seller’s but we have several requirements for the detail information please directly contact us through email in Reseller’s.

For requesting skin sample from us for review, please inform us about your channel through Review Unit Request.

Orders / Purchases

No it’s not necessary to register to place an order,however a registered account is useful to track the order status

After payment is completed successfully, you can have to just relax & spend time with your family the skin will be dispatched in next 24 working hours and will be delivered to you shortly.